Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nippon Day Festival

I know it's a bit too late , but this Time
I want to tell you about my impressions of the yearly
Nippon Day (Japantag) in Düsseldorf(Germany) !!!
My Friends and me had a lot of fun <3! (and the trainride was really really long TcT)

Miss Celine , me and our friends:
We spend the most time on playing games or telling funny stories ... and change the trains.... from one to the next ....and the next and so on....
It took us 7h to get to Düsseldorf and we all were very tired !!!

Because of the Flu a lot of show acts couldn't play and there wasn't so much programm...
A few japanese Girls and Enka singers...

Lolita Fashion ....


But the day was so much fun and I met a lot of my close friends !!!
And although there was the flu... a lot of people came and I saw a lot of Cosplayers and a few Lolitas !!!

Unfortunately.. I could'nt see the Fireworks which are such great every year because there are really special Rockets!!! For example: heartshaped ones... or Hello Kitty! I love them!
But I was really tired and soon we got back to our youth hostel.

I was so happy to have all my friends around me... and I hope we will do more things like that together !!!

Till then~


My Vlog from this Day:
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  1. liked reading your journal..nice photos to, look forward to the next entry

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